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Ltb Jeans Ltb Jeans

LTB jeans are excellent quality designer jeans that have both style and comfort. They are not a well known brand but if you want to look good in jeans and a great pair of jeans you want, then give them a try. Ltb jeans are made from Italian denim wash the same plant as Diesel, Replay and other well-known big label Jeans. So you get the same quality as other well-known designer jeans but have a uniqueness all their own without a large price.

Ltb jeans are from Turkey and have been made there since 1948.They are a good value for the price range of $ 75 for $ 130 because they are cheaper to produce there. Turkish designers use high quality materials to make the stylish looking jean.

Ltb jeans are very popular with celebrities such as, Katherine Heigl, Hayden Panettiere and Jennifer Garner and Cameron Diaz. They have a great fit for the initial washing and a traditional Turkish craftsmanship makes them very popular in fashionable ladies.

They makeĀ  each pair unique because they are handmade and not mass produced. Plus more you wash them and use them more, they will be unique. They have more of a European fit and this means that they are more traditional cuts than the North American labels.

LTB jeans are 100% cotton and are priced at a very low price atĀ  designer jean outlets that carry them. One of the popular styles has pink fabric lined front pockets, a small angle of metallic gold and silver Logo back pockets, metallic silver piping on the front pocket and angled down the back seam stitching details blue distressed dark stretch denim subtle marbling and Fray distresses in a low cut skinny boot-cut leg.

Ltb’s designers are inspired by the runway and street trends from Europe, where these jeans are made. They create a great collection of denim designs that rival any bigger name brand labels.

This fall, LTB jeans gives a nod to the past, present and future of channeling adventure in time. The perfect blend of vintage inspirations with modern technology, the new collection consists of three color palettes inspired by different historical time periods: 1883, 1983 and 2083:1883. Faded over, powder white, green, and blue washed in an antique-style vibe, but the lush velvet and gabardine fabrics continue to evoke thoughts of the era full of rich history, luxurious clothing, and all decay.

You should check them out. They are not widely known about in Canada and the U.S A. but they will make you look attractive when you use them and possibly make you a fashionista.

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